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Published On December 12, 2014 | By SlotCarReport | Race Results

West Bend, WI – Ev Kamikawa shined as the Super Hot Mod Unlimited Championship tried out the Lack Track in West Bend. The series raced the tight, twisty and technical road course in an exhibition race to see how the series could adapt to a short track event. By all accounts, the event was a success.

Teams thrashed on their rides to find the correct motor, gearing and downforce combination to succeed on the short track after two super speedway events.

Heat racing was immediately fast and furious as the largest field competed to see who would make the final. Four rookies, including two first time racers, challenged the veterans and made for some scary moments both on the track and in the standings.

The first heat race found John Wiedemann taking charge in the opening segment. But one of the “first timers” Pete Dorn made things interesting following just two laps behind Wiedemann as the second half began. Wiedemann was able to pull away to a seven lap win over Dorn in the Datsun 280ZX. Keith Lindbeck finished third and Andy Black overcame early issues to finish fourth.

The second heat featured a veteran battle between Mike Lack, Mike Fitzlaff and Kamikawa. Lack pulled ahead with fast laps, including a 3.315 second trip around the track, but Fitzlaff and Kamikawa were within three laps at the halfway break. The second half tightened up as series point leader Fitzlaff got back two of the laps he was down but ran out of time as Lack took the win. Kamikawa finished third with Bill Black, like his son Andy, overcoming issues in the first segment to finish strong.

The feature was set with Wiedemann, Lack, Fitzlaff and Kamikawa in a battle of Ferrari against Corvettes. Dorn missed out on knocking Kamikawa out of the final by two laps – a great run for the first time competitor.

Maybe Kamikawa was saving a little bit for the final because he took the lead early and never looked back. With Lack and Fitzlaff trying to maintain pace, Kamikawa finished the first half of the feature with a two lap advantage over Lack and four over Fitzlaff. Wiedemann struggled to 13 laps off the pace in his Corvette. Kamikawa continued his pace, although a bit slower, in the second half and was matched by Lack who could not find his way around the yellow Ferrari F50. Fitzlaff encountered issues including a number of spins resulting in body damage. Wiedemann found his pace and set the fastest recorded lap on the Lack Track at 3.295 seconds. Picking up nine laps on the field, Wiedemann was only able to pass the struggling Corvette of Fitzlaff in the standings as Kamikawa took the win with Lack’s Corvette in the runner up spot.

The SHMUC schedule resumes on January 15th, 2015 at the Turtle Creek Raceway.

Heat 1
John Wiedemann Corvette – 86 laps
Pete Dorn (R) Datsun 280ZX – 79
Keith Lindbeck Hummer – 67
Andy Black Camaro – 58

Heat 2
Mike Lack Corvette – 86 laps
Mike Fitzlaff Corvette – 85
Ev Kamikawa Ferrari F50 – 81
Bill Black Ford Pinto – 56

Ev Kamikawa Ferrari F50 – 124 laps
Mike Lack Corvette – 122
John Wiedemann Corvette – 120
Mike Fitzlaff Corvette – 97

Point Standings (2 of 5 events)
Mike Fitzlaff 36
Dean Strom 30
Mike Lack 24
John Wiedemann 20
Ev Kamikawa 12
Hiro Kamikawa 7
Bill Black 5
Keith Lindbeck 3
Dan Margetta 3

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About the SHMUC Series:
Using modified slot cars based on the Tyco 440/440X2 and X3 chassis, the Super Hot Mod Unlimited Championship strives to have the driver/engineers build the fastest slot cars as possible while making sure that they last till the checkered flag waves. The racing action is fast and furious and also alot of fun. The series races in the Milwaukee, WI area on 4 lane HO scale slot car tracks.

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