Butler & Wiedemann Open 2018 With Wins

Published On January 26, 2018 | By SlotCarReport | Race Results

What’s Up SHMUCs

Thank you to all those who raced last night at the Lack Track as we tried out the new race format and welcomed all the new drivers.

We had eleven racers and the newest SHMUC took home the glory. Amy was just going to show up and visit Fritz, but she got a last minute ride with Lack Motorsports and crushed the field. Taking the top qualifying spot in both rounds and winning the Asia Cup race, Amy is now our point standings leader.

Also running a Lack Motorsports chassis, Co-founder of the SHMUC Series JW waited until last night to capture his first ever victory in an A Main final. And, he made it exciting by passing Amy at the finish-line as time ran out in the Open Round A main, probably the closest finish in series history.

The new format of qualifying heats leading to the alphabet finals in the Asia Cup seemed to be a hit with drivers. Mike Kristof (Kawasaki) and Drew (Mitsubishi) bumped up from the bottom main to compete in three mains and JW drove from the D main into the A main, finishing second. Pete and Bill also ran three mains with Bill racing into the A and Pete racing up to the B.

We will be making one change to the race length by shortening the B and C main to 4 minute races instead of 5 minutes. So, the A main will be an 8 minute race and all lower mains will be 4 minutes. We will also attempt to start the racing closer to 7pm. All rounds will be the alphabet main format unless we run short of time, like last night, and if that happens we will run the old race program of heat races and an A main.

With Amy winning the Asia Cup and Pete finishing fifth, the Mazda team took the manufacturer win. Both drivers gained 3 extra points and Mazda is eligible for the World Cup round in the season finale.

Up next is the Black Track high banked speedway for the NASCAR rounds on February 8th. The 1990 and later model bodies will run the opening round and then round two will feature the classic pre-1990 NASCAR bodies. With the speed and competition shown at the Lack Track, the Black Track should be smoldering when we are through with it.

See you SHMUCs at the track.

Point Standings following Round 1&2
Amy Butler 31
John Wiedemann 28
Mike Lack 20
Bill Black 18
Pete Dorn 15
Scott Mente 15
Andy Black 15
Drew Turcotte 11
Mike Kristof 11
Joe Heitz 6
Steve Rist 4

Asia Cup Results
A Main- Amy Butler, John Wiedemann, Bill Black, Mike Lack
B Main – Bill Black, Lack, Wiedemann, Pete Dorn
C Main – Wiedemann, Dorn, Black Scott Mente
D Main – Wiedemann, Dorn, DrewTurcotte, Mike Kristof
E Main – Turcotte, Kristof, Andy Black, Joe Heitz
F Main – Turcotte, Kristof, Steve Rist

Asia Cup Manufacturer Standings (Average Finish)
Mazda 3
Datsun 5.3
Mitsubishi 7
Nissan 7.25
Kawasaki 8

Open Round Results
A Main – John Wiedemann, Amy Butler, Andy Black, Mike Lack
Scott Mente 68 laps
Bill Black 64
Mike Kristof 63
Drew Turcotte 63
Pete Dorn 58
Joe Heitz 54
Steve Rist 53

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